Engaged and planning a tropical dream wedding – what an exciting time in your life! And a scary one too, especially if you do not live in the place where you are planning to get married.   Some questions that may be running through your head;
  • What paperwork do I need to get done? We can send you a complete check-list!
  • How do I arrange a civil servant / religious leader to perform the wedding? Call us and consider it done!
  • Do I want a beach wedding, or are there other venues I need to consider? We will send you a whole range of options that you can even combine if you like!
  • There are so many people coming, how will I be able to transport them, keep them entertained and keep them fed, while at the same time I’m preparing for my marriage! We have years of experience managing group programs!
  • I want something really special, not just some standard mass product. Custom made is all we do!
  • Where will I find a hairdresser / flowershop / dry cleaner / etc. etc.? Those are not things for you to take care of, that’ s our job!
  • It’s the day of my wedding, why am I not stressed? Because you’re working with the ‘Serenity’ team!
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