Curaçao offers it all!

Curaçao offers it all, whether you are looking for a fun ‘beach’ destination or one that radiates culture and class! Offer your clients a destination unlike any other destination in the Caribbean. Treat your group with Caribbean’s hidden treasure. This is a destination with European Charm combined with Caribbean Flair!

Imagine how your group program could be on Curacao and watch here our Curacao group programs video  Curaçao is an island in the Caribbean, among the group known as the ABC Islands alongside Aruba and Bonaire.

This trio is located near Venezuela and below the hurricane belt. This means that visits to the island are rarely disrupted by such tropical storms. The climate is warm and sunny year round, even the water temperature does not drop below 77°F (25°C).

The Historical City of Willemstad

It’s been called a little Amsterdam in pastel colors… Have your attendees discover Willemstad, the capital city of Curaçao, one of the only six Caribbean cities on the UNESCO world heritage list, because of its unique colonial style architecture and historical importance.

The deep St. Ana Bay splits the city into two parts; the old Punda – named after the point it was build on, and the other side, or Otrobanda. Between them swings the unique Emma Bridge, a unique pontoon bridge of over a 150 years old.This quaint harbor town boasts the oldest synagogue in continuous use in the Americas, an impressive African Heritage & Slavery Museum, no less than three historical fortresses and a floating fruits & vegetable market.

Walking through one of the most beautiful city centers of the world, so won’t have to compromise on shopping options. The picturesque little streets, full of life and color, lead you to the many shops. You’ll find a wonderful combination of local shops and high end brand shops and a mall right in one of the fortresses.

Offering both pristine paradise beaches as well a tremendous cultural heritage, like museums and colonial buildings, as well as jetset dining & nightlife areas, this is THE BEST next destination for your high profile VIP groups as well as your lower profile “fun in the sun” groups.

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