Experience the beauty of Curacaos nature, history and culture.

Curacao has several National Parks including caves and natural beaches and even salt flats with wild flaminogs that gives you plenty options for sight seeing tours. Visiting the Christoffel National Park you will be offered several hikes through the park, including climbing the Christoffel mountain, which is the highest hill on the island giving you a spectacular view. Sheta Boka National Park has some of the most spectacular scenes as the ocean goes wildly into the rugged north-coast of the island.

The Hato Caves being more then 200.000 years old is the biggest and prominent cave of the island.You will be delighted to see seldom long-nose bats, beautiful limestone formations, a romantic water pool and the fantasy room with many surprising statues that are hided within the rock formations.

In Curacao the plantation houses mostly originate from the early times of the colonization of the island – mainly in the 17th and 18th century. Their colorful and decorative designs and tropical architecture are unique in the Caribbean.Most of the plantation houses were build on hills with usually one or two other plantation houses within clear view. Nowadays there are just a few actual plantations remaining, although quite a few of the plantation houses have been saved and great attraction points. You can discover the most beautiful parts of Curaçao with our guided air-conditioned bus tour or take the more adventures option and choose the ATV tour.

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