Dining & Nightlife

Dining & Nightlife

Imagine having an unforgettable group dinner at one of Curacao’s historical plantation houses or enjoying a cocktail at a luxurious, exclusive, jet set location during sunset. Curacao has the perfect contrast between jet set modern night life areas and old plantation houses that are turned into either romantic restaurants and or night life & shopping areas.

While we have plentiful of different restaurants spread over the entire island for your groups dine-around nights, we recommend the following two perfect dinner & night life areas for a complete night out: Down-town Rif Fort area and Jan Thiel Area. The Rif Fort area is, like the name reveals, a 17th century old fort that has many different bars, restaurants and holds one of the biggest casino in town. It is the perfect place for both families who just like to dine and walk around as well as the real party people who like to make it a little more late.

The “Jan Thiel” area is a newly developed area with modern buildings, cocktail lounge bars and trendy restaurants and beach life. Moreover, it also has small boutique shops, ice cream shop and and a small casino. While you can enjoy the lounge bars at day time for a fun beach day, at night the area turns into an exciting place for dancing and cocktails.

Music is an important part of the ‘Curacao island life’. Besides some European traits, the music here is mainly influenced by Latin and Caribbean styles. Not to forget to mention the Curaçao Carnival, which is a celebration you should not miss. Curacao celebrates carnival with full passion through competitions (Tumba music and Calypso festivals), beauty pageants, private and public parties and street parades during the first weeks of the year climaxing on the weekend and Tuesday preceding the Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent). You are invited to join us in the celebrations!

For your special events, Business Serenity can provide to you the most beautiful decor & enjoyable entertainment options. Have for example a fantastic welcome or closing dinner night with the ” Curacao Carnival theme”.  A stunning Carnival Dance parade show, live carnival drum band, Carnival costumed stilt walkers and more…

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